Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fun and Games

This afternoon, I uploaded a new minor feature to Atlas Quest--notes. Not to get confused with tracker notes, though, which I'm actually thinking about getting rid of in the long run. AQ mail, message boards, box comments, tracker notes.... so many things to keep track of, eh? Well, now you can create what I call box notes. It's a little space where you can attach your own, personal note with a given box. It's for you to see, and only you. What you use it for is up to you. I image a lot of people will use it to record solutions for mystery boxes, or perhaps write directions to the park if they aren't included with the clue already, or maybe cut and paste a description of a tree or bush that's referred to in the clue that you aren't familiar with. Maybe you'll make notes on your own boxes, to remember what maintenance needs to be done with them. Doesn't really matter--it's essentially a private notebook attached to every letterbox listed on Atlas Quest.

When you view or print clues, any notes you've written for the box will be included. I figure if it was important enough to leave a note on a box, you probably want that note with you when it's time to find the box.

On a totally different matter, have you ever tried to Google your own name? I did, and not surprisingly, a page about me comes up. Not a shocking development, to be sure. On a lark, however, about a month ago, I set up a Google to notify me whenever my name is used in an article that shows up in Google News. I don't get much press with my name in it, but let's see what it turns up. And wow, am I one busy guy! =)

Keep in mind, I once did a directory search for "Ryan Carpenter" just to see how many listings show up. There are over 300 of us known to be running around this country--thus, the reason I have not been able to buy as a domain name. Even at Intel, I shared a name with another Ryan Carpenter and we'd often get each other's e-mails when someone tried to contact one of us but didn't know which was the "right" Ryan Carpenter.

So while I don't get much press, some of my namesakes do. =) Apparently, I'm a baseball player--a pitcher, if I understand it correctly. And just today, I found out, I'm getting married to one Megan Smith on August 9th. (Sorry, Amanda--I had NO idea--trust me!) And wouldn't it be hilarious if she gets a Google Alert for anything that shows up with her name, and she ends up reading this blog post?

I kind of enjoy seeing what my name twins are up to, so I keep the Google Alerts coming. =)


Woolfairy said...

OMG I have been hoping that you would have this one of these days. And mystery boxes are definately one of the uses I have for it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

oh, thanks for that great gift of note boxes. i will use it for sure. i have all kinds of notes on my hard drive i can now get rid of :J

pts are another use. and the list goes on.......


Anonymous said...

Awesome idea, Ryan! Thanks! (But, please don't get rid of the tracker notes! We've only had them a week and they are already so very cool and helpful!)


Anonymous said...

box note would be fantastic but I agree with Bali, do not get rid of tracker notes. it is a great way to comment to the group about when I mailed my package or recieved them, or just a little foot stomper that mine haven't arrived yet.


cmruley said...

That could be a lovely place to keep virtual passkey solutions too!

Anonymous said...

oh yah, it decreases a little traffic from the boards as you desired.


Anonymous said...

I have a very UNCOMMON name, so everything that comes back as my name is me!


Teresa said...

YES!! Just last night I was thinking, "I wish I could write some notes to myself on some of these boxes." Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I had a twin too, until I got married and took my husband's last name. Kinda weird. She worked at a University too.

My sis has one too and she knows her! Our cousin's wife. So reunions are fun with two people with the same name.

Ona Journey

rozebud said...

LOL about the "name twins" - have you ever seen this?



Anonymous said...

Oh, please, Ryan, don't get rid of the tracker notes. I was able to post a good suggestion some one had used to add a name to the box on the tracker box so we know who owns it. You used to have it set up this way, but alas, now it doesn't do that, and it can become a mess. Trying to figure out who's is who's when printed out. Or at a glance too, actually. Even without the hover over feature. That helps but not completely. Hope this is not as confusing as it reads to me.
Okie Dog

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the note feature!

Anonymous said...

Try having the same name as your mother-in-law-! Okay, I admit, for you, Ryan, that would just be too weird...but I have the same name as my MIL and for a short time period we both taught at the same school! I've gotten her credit report messed up with mine and her doctor's files (yes, we went to the same physician's and dentist's office for a while). The ultimate? She passed away in 2000 and it is really strange seeing your own name in a cemetery!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the notes Ryan -- these are very helpful, especially with the mystery boxes. Any way we can search based on our notes too?

Albers Clan