Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Free Listing Day begins.... NOW!

Boxing Day, 2007, is also Free Listing Day--the day when everyone, including non-premium members, can record all their finds. Specifically those pesky unlisted boxes that are not found on Atlas Quest.

No, there are no real benefits to recording all of one's finds. Your logbook is still the ultimate source of finds, but many people enjoy seeing all their finds listed in their logbooks and their official F-count increase. An additional benefit to a complete online history of your finds, for those who are into statistics, is the new My Statistics page.

It's usually a perk reserved for premium members, which isn't too disappointing if you consider that most non-premium members don't have complete find histories that would allow for accurate statistics. But for those of you who want to check out your stats, that page will be available for everyone on Boxing Day only. Record all your finds, then check out the statistics on them!

Enjoy the perks while they last, however. At midnight (Pacific time), they'll disappear again the next Free Listing Day.

How to record finds from unlisted boxes? Use the Record Find/Attempt link under the Letterboxes menubar option. Type in the name and type of the box. Skip the author--that doesn't matter for unlisted boxes. Atlas Quest will first list all of the listed boxes it found that matches your search parameters. Then, just below that, shows a list of unlisted boxes that others have already recorded finds on that match your search, or an option to tell Atlas Quest that it's a completely new listing.

Use the links and options in that second half to record the finds of those unlisted boxes.

Happy Boxing!


Anonymous said...

wow, does that look awesome or what. great info. thanks for the free day, and the new tags. just one thing about the tags...i wish that you could still see the tag crossed out if you have it tagged in any way......just a request..... for when you get off the trail.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the "Free Listing Day". Looking forward to reading your posts from the trail. Good luck and have a great hike!

Teresa said...

Cool, now I feel like I should plant a box in honor of Boxing Day. I knew there had to be a reason for me to blow off going to work today!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed using the Free Listing possibility today.....thanks :o)

Anonymous said...

What a big-hearted guy you are, Ryan! Might I suggest that those of you who find the ability to log your finds pretty neat, that you join those of us who know the OTHER benifits of Premium Membership?! Think of it as a New Year's gift to yourself!
And to you, Ryan, have a safe journey--can't wait for your next "Great Adventure" entry!
D-saj & Old Blue

Anonymous said...

darn,I missed it!