Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Last chance for calendars!

The Atlas Quest 2008 letterboxing calendars are for sale through the AQ Marketplace, but they won't be for much longer. I plan to shut the marketplace down at some point on Friday and start the presses rolling! You will still be able to order them directly from the printer after Friday, but since I'm buying them in bulk, you'll save money by ordering them through me.

If you plan to pay with a personal check or money order, you'll want to get them in the mail sooner rather than later. I'll wait for a week or so for the post office to do their job, but if payment doesn't arrive by the time the calendars do, I reserve the right to sell your calendars to someone else or give them away for gathering raffles or some such nonsense. =)

For those of you who *have* mailed a payment and want to make sure I received it, you can check the status of your order on the View Orders page. If the status says "pending," I have not received payment. If it says "paid," then I have. =) A small number of people might have a status of "confirmed" which only happens if you pay using an eCheck on PayPal. It means PayPal is processing your payment, but the funds have not yet officially been transfered. It'll change to "paid" once PayPal finishes the transaction--usually after three or four days. Other funding sources using PayPal happen immediately, so the "confirmed" status only applies for those using an eCheck.

I expect the calendars to take as long as two weeks for them to be printed and arrive at my doorstep, at which point I'll forward the individual orders on to you. When the calendars do arrive on my doorstep, though, I'll let you know at which point you can expect them on your doorstep in another three or four days. =) Tentatively, you should receive them around October 15th.

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Anonymous said...

Great job, Green Tortuga! Thank you!