Monday, April 02, 2007

April Fool's!

If there's one thing I learned yesterday, it's that letterboxers have a special fondness for April Fools. Yes, that announcement yesterday about the new attributes on Atlas Quest was a joke. I figured the "Killer Clown Area" icon would probably clue most people in, but it appears that at least a handful of people fell for it anyhow. Many thanks to the other administrators who helped me brainstorm ideas for some of the better icon ideas. =)

A few people enjoyed the random themes so much they wanted to know if they could make that their default theme! Alas, sorry to say, that is not an option. Themes are generally created through the use of CSS, but that random theme required a bit of programming for it to work. Until CSS supports randomized themes, it will not become a choice. Enjoy it while it lasts, for it will only last a short time.

The best April Fool's joke of all time, naturally, I had nothing to do with. Go ahead and close your mouth now--if there's one person that can one-up me in a battle of wits and humor, it's wassamatta_u, who enlisted his son to show up at the event in San Jose, dressed as a rookie policeman, to arrest him. Brilliant! Heaven forbid if he tries to top this little joke next year. We're keeping an eye on you, wassa!

Fortunately, however, wassamatta wasn't aware of all the little surprises in store. He was the proud recipient of a large box of underwear from letterboxers around the country. I know lisascenic took some pictures, so perhaps she'll share those soon. Can't wait to read his comments in the next Boxers and Briefs entry!


Anonymous said...

*pouting* I liked the new icons for boxes.
could we please have a few of them back?
like the flamingo?
six stars

Anonymous said...

O come on you should've kept some!